About Seesoo

At Seesoo we are convinced that we have a responsibility to create a better world together.

Seesoo, safe & effective cleaning products

Seesoo’s maintenance and cleaning products are completely biodegradable. Most of our products even contain 100% natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. All of our products are safe, effective and affordable.

We are convinced that creating a better and healthier world can only be achieved together. We want to let you expierence how easy it is to replace toxic cleaning products with effective natural and ecological products. Although its only a small switch, you will contribute in an important way towards a healthier and cleaner ecosystem and environment.

Seesoo also supports the reduction and processing plastic waste. That is why we only work with partners who have the same footprint as we do. To read more about our efforts and our charity, please visit our Charity & Partners page.

Seesoo & EEQO

Seesoo is brand by EEQO, a company that operates on the basis of ten business principles and core values, the so called “EEQO Fundamentals”.

EEQO believes in creating a better future, that’s why EEQO only sells natural maintenance and cleaning products.

Together with EEQO’s own Foundation it strives to create a positive impact for this and the next generations to come.


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