At Seesoo we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the future of our planet. That is why we love to give something back. As part of EEQO, Seesoo embraces EEQO’s mission “EEQO supports the planet”.

That’s why we donate 5% of our earnings to The Blue Loop Foundation.

Our contribution

At SeeSoo we only sell cleaning products that are biodegradable, natural and environmentally friendly. But we don’t stop there. That’s why 5% of our earnings go towards The Blue Loop Foundation. This means that for every product sold you are contributing to a better future, how cool is that?

Our plastic waste focus

Although we are great believers of the entire mission of The Blue Loop Foundation we are mainly focussing on one area of focus: Plastic problems.

Plastic pollution is currently one of the largest environmental problems. You might have heard about the Plastic Soup. Many of our plastic waste goes into our rivers which eventually reaches the ocean. The current brings all this garbage together in eight floating garbage dumps. Believe it or not, but these floating garbage dumps  combined, are twice the size of the United States.

That’s why we feel we have the responsibility to commit ourself to make a difference. Together we can make the changes possible that are needed to ensure a better future. We would love it if you would join us in our mission!

The Blue Loop Foundation

The Blue Loop Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health of our planet and inhabitants. The Blue Loop Foundation wants to create awareness that sustainability in any form should be the norm to ensure the future of our planet.

The Blue Loop Foundation supports great initiatives that contribute to its mission. Concretely The Blue Loop Foundation does this by empowering initiatives in Wildlife, Plastic problems and the wellbeing of children.

For more information about The Blue Loop Foundation, please visit


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