Lens Cleaner 30ml

100% natural lens cleaner for all lenses, glasses and more. The lens cleaner is non-toxic, antistatic, anti-reflective and leaves no streakes.

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Lens Cleaner 30ml

Discover our AllNatural lens cleaner! It was developed many years ago and it has continuously been innovated to meet tomorrows standards. It’s a unique formula that is entirely made from plant extracts. It effectively sweeps away, body oils, dirt and cosmetics.

Recently our solution has been lab tested, by a profound company in the USA. The results were amazing! It showed that our natural solution is just as effective as other harmful toxic solutions. So we dare and like to ask you: “why still use toxic products?” The test results are available on request!

  • Our product is completely NON-TOXIC, for example it contains no Isopropanol.
  • It is completely safe for you, your glasses, your frame.
  • It leaves NO Streaks
  • It is Antistatic
  • It is 100% harmless to all kinds of premium coated surfaces
  • It complete made from plant extracts.
  • It is Anti-Reflective


Spray the cleaner on the lenses and wipe it dry with our clean soft cloth. Our cloth is produced by our partner, a very sustainable company called Pactics. They make the best cloths that are available in the market. They are completely safe and effective on any lens or coating, especially anti-reflective coating.  It is not for the use of contact lenses!


Exists of 100% natural ingredients. Caution! Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

Private label/Co branding

Our product is also available in private label and co branding solutions. Due to our “Make a difference” believe we prefer launching our product Seesoo with our partners. If you want to learn more about these options, feel free to contact us.


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