SeeSoo Screen cleaner Pouch


SeeSoo Bildschirmreiniger & Mikrofasertuch im Set

Entdecke unseren SeeSoo AllNatural Bildschirmreiniger und Mikrofasertuch im Set. Reinigt sicher, schnell, streifenfrei und antistatisch. Duftet frisch und ist 100% umweltfreundlich.


SeeSoo Screen cleaner and microfibre cloth in a set

Discover our AllNatural screen cleaner together with our recycled microfiber cloth. It cleans safe, quick, streak-free and antistatic. The screen cleaner is 100% environmentally friendly and has a fresh scent.


Spray the cleaner on the screen of the tablet, smartphone, tv or laptop. Do not spray it in openings or on damages. Use it together with our, world‘s first, recycled microfiber cloth from Waste2Wear. Waste2Wear develops clothing and yarns from recycled plastic.

Consists of 100% natural ingredients, soap, essential oils, natural citric, coconut oil and plan extracts. Keep out of reach of children.


Our SeeSoo products are available at competitive prices.